Qcrete Readymix (India) Pvt Ltd considers the health and safety of its employees to be of primary importance. We accept the challenges our operating environment and believs that the creation of a responsible health and safety culture in all our operations is integral to long term success.

It is our policy to strive to minimize health and safety risks in all its activities and to take an active role in raising the health and safety awareness and responsibility of employees, suppliers and customers.
For this policy to be implemented, Qcrete Readymix (India) Pvt. Ltd. and all its employees suppliers and contractors will:

  • Conform to all relevant health and safety legislation and any other requirments.
  • Provide a safe work environment for all staff,contractors and visitors.
  • Provide the resources, supervision, information and training to ensure our employees can work safely.

Qcrete Readymix (India) Pvt Ltd. also underdstands that our business activities and products do have an environment impact - what we seek is for this impact to be positive.
Our philosophy is that our business activities and products should have a NET POSITIVE EFFECT on our environment.
We are committed to responsibly manage the environmnet and orevention of pollutuon. which shall be integral to the success of our business.
To implement this policy and maintain our commitment, we will:

  • Rigorously employ methodologies to identify environmental hazards,assess thier risks and control the risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Provide the resources,supervision, information and training to ensure our people can perform their work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Facilitate continuous improvemnet by reporting and investigating all environmental incidents, including near misses, in order maximise learning and prevent similar occurrences in future.
  • Foster a culture that encourages and rewards sound environmental practices and ongoing consultation on environmental management.

Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.

Ralph Bicknese